Appliance Disposal Services Available

Whether your washing machine or window air conditioners are on the fritz or you’re upgrading your kitchen, knowing how to dispose of old appliances isn’t an easy task at all. Household appliances are big and bulky and their removal is quite difficult and costly. You cannot throw electronic devices like other junk at your home or office. They contain hazardous chemicals thus it becomes important to dispose of them properly. At Rubbish Rhinos, we offer appliance disposal services to people throughout the Treasure Coast and nearby areas. Whether it’s small appliances or large appliances, we can come haul the designated appliance to recycling facilities in Florida or the dump. 

We have a team of professionals who will pick up your old appliances and dispose of them quickly and efficiently. Our experts use safe appliance disposal methods for keeping the environment clean and healthy.  For appliance disposal and recycling, we’re your best solution. Give us a call at 772 773 1942  to book your appointment with us.

Reliable Appliance Disposal To Keep Stress at Bay

If your refrigerator doesn’t work anymore or you’re looking to rid your home of an old appliance, our appliance removal services are what you need. Disposing and recycling are excellent ways to reuse things and help keep streets clean. Undoubtedly, the proper removal and disposal of these appliances will reduce energy consumption. Rubbish Rhinos understands this and preserves nature by always trying to recycle such appliances whenever possible. We remove washing machines, air conditioners, washers, dryers, and all other unwanted appliances. 

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Create a Better World With Proper Appliance Disposal

At Rubbish Rhinos, we aim to create a better world by providing you with proper appliance disposal and recycling services. We’re a responsible appliance disposal company ensuring to haul away old appliances by practicing safe methods. Undoubtedly, some substances like CFC found in old appliances contribute to ozone depletion if disposed of improperly. We know that improper disposing can cause serious harm to our planet. Therefore, we follow proper methods and guidelines while disposing of and recycling broken appliances. Whatever your appliance disposal needs are, you can count on us

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How Rubbish Rhinos Helps With Quick Appliance Disposal

Rubbish Rhinos is a renowned junk removal company. With us, you do not need to worry about your old appliances as we provide efficient, safe, eco-friendly, and prompt appliance disposal services. Since our priority is preserving the environment, we ensure that your old appliances and scrap metal end up in the right place whether it’s a recycling facility or a local charity. We are a top appliance disposal and removal company serving the Treasure Coast and nearby areas. So, contact us for all your appliance disposal and recycling needs.


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At Rubbish Rhinos, we offer the best household appliance disposal and recycling service. Contact us today to schedule your appliance removal estimate.

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