Appliance Removal Port St Lucie

Are you moving to a new place having huge junk or old appliances to look after? Worried about those unwanted appliances that you no longer need? This is what Rubbish Rhino’s appliance removal services are for. Whatever kind of junk removal you need, from scrap metal and small appliances to larger appliances like freezers and household appliances, Rubbish Rhinos will take care of it for clients in Port St Lucie or throughout the Treasure Coast! Our appliance removal services are not only good for your pocket but also the environment. 

We are nestled in the region of Treasure Coast and are all set to serve our local community with removal of appliances that are no longer in service. We offer haul and disposal of all appliances as a step toward a healthier and sustainable environment.  We are your one-stop solution if you have any appliance that you need to get rid of. Schedule an appointment online or call us at 772 773 1942 for needs related to household appliances or any other appliance disposal.

Remove Unwanted Appliances Throughout Port St Lucie

Are you stacked with unwanted and old appliances or just purchased a new refrigerator and don’t know what to do with the old one? Well, worry no more. Rubbish Rhinos is here to help you get rid of all this junk. We are a mission-driven business settled on the Treasure Coast and are set to offer you reliable appliance removal services. With more than 24 electronic appliances in every American household, the removal and recycling of electronic waste or appliances is an essential part of environmental payback.  This makes unwanted appliance removal of extreme importance. So, why wait? If you have old appliances, hit the button below or call us now!

Call 772 773 1942 To Remove Unwanted Household Appliances

Why Is Appliance Recycling and Removal Necessary?

Old appliances removal and proper recycling is a crucial process for you and the environment. These old appliances or e-waste consist of several harmful chemicals and heating and cooling substances that can cause severe damage, eroding not only their surroundings but also have a long-term detrimental effect on the environment. Rubbish Rhinos understands the need for a properly managed appliance recycling program and removal and thus offers it to all Treasure Coast residents!

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Call Rubbish Rhinos For Efficient Appliance Removal

Rubbish Rhinos is a mission-driven business with strong beliefs in societal giveback, respect, and integrity. We own a team of skilled and trained professionals to ensure responsible appliance disposal of old appliances. Local charities are all good, but we aim for a firm and sustainable environmental giveback. Thus we offer eco-friendly solutions to the local community of Treasure Coast, Port St. Lucie, and other neighboring areas. Our appliance removal services will rid you of all your old appliances.


Want Unwanted Appliances Removed? Call 772 773 1942 For Appliance Removal Services


Rubbish Rhinos is here to support its local community with reliable and efficient appliance removal. Our experts are fast and professional and know how to properly dispose of your old appliances. Book online to appoint our services.

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