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Best Junk Service on Treasure Coast


When it comes to junk removal services on the Treasure Coast, the rhinos at Rubbish Rhino Junk Removal will always trample the objectives & competition! Best price and service guaranteed the mission is to serve the Treasure Coast community with the best junk disposal services around! Less junk = prettier Treasure Coast! If you need the best junk removal services on the Treasure Coast, you can rely on the rhinos to show up and get the job done!

Common calls for removal services include:

  • Appliance Removal
  • Furniture Removal
  • Mattress Removal
  • Shed Removal
  • Hot Tub Removal
  • Trash Removal

No matter what the item is, if it is junk to you, we will take it away and dispose of it in the most environmentally friendly way possible! We strive to get as much recycled as possible and go the extra mile to ensure recyclables stay away from the dump! The Treasure Coast is a beautiful place to live so we must preserve its beauty and keep it junk-free and recycle-happy! Only $69 per hour! Let’s discuss some of our most common calls for junk removal services including appliance removal, mattress & furniture removal, shed or detached garage removal, hot tub dismantling and removal, and trash removal! If you need any of these services or additional junk removal services in the Treasure Coast, call the rhinos and get your junk trampled today!

Junk Removal Near Me

If you own or manage a property, you most likely have dealt with some sort of junk before, whether it was yard waste or construction debris, or party trash – bulk junk can pile up, and sometimes a special crew like Rubbish Rhino Junk Removal Services comes to clean it up. Junk Removal Near Me is a popular keyword that is often used to help people find reputable junk haulers like Rubbish Rhino! If you need junk removed anywhere in the Treasure Coast, let the rhinos do it! Call us for a free hourly quote and our transparent upfront cost policy! Do not be fooled by the too good to be true pricing! Flat hourly rate, no hidden fees, all upfront quoting – Rubbish Rhino Junk Removal Near Me should be the keyword for Treasure Coast!

Appliance Removal

Sometimes you just have to admit when a task is just a little bigger than you are. Appliance removal is definitely one of those tasks you do not realize how much it is a pain until you have to perform the activity! Some people offer free appliance removal because they recycle the parts, Rubbish Rhino offers free appliance removal with any half-day job! We do not nickel and dime our clients. We will attempt to recycle as much of the appliance as possible for the best outcome for our environment! If you need an appliance removed in the Treasure Coast, let the rhinos remove it!



Do you need an old clothes dryer removed from your property? Ready for an upgrade? Let the rhinos remove that old dryer from you, and any other old appliance or rubbish! Rubbish Rhino Junk Removal Service charges $69 per hour to remove anything! Not nickel and dime our customers – just pure service in order to keep the Treasure Coast clean and beautiful! Call us today to schedule your dryer to be picked up and disposed of properly!

Old refrigerator removal


This is one of those back-breakers we do not recommend removing on your own! Removing a refrigerator from your home can be very challenging if you have never done it before! Finding the right combination of angles and turns to ensure the interior of the property is not damaged as the fridge finds its way out the door! If your expert fridge removal services, just let the rhinos trample all over it – in the cleanest fashion of course! Call us today to schedule your refrigerator removal services for just $69 per hour!



Removing a large freezer or refrigeration unit from a commercial space can be a massive undertaking! Our rhinos are skilled in the containment of the mess when breaking down a large unit like this! If you need commercial refrigeration extraction in the Treasure Coast, you can trust the rhinos to get it done fast and efficient! The best price in town for junk removal is $69!



Old washing machines are big and bulky. Not very pleasant to say the least! If you need a washing machine removed, the easiest thing to do is call professional appliance removal rhinos to come to trample it! The best-priced appliance removal at $69 an hour you can get your washing machine removed and all the other rubbish you’ve been saying you want to throw away! Do not try to man-handle the washing machine on your own! Let the rhinos do it!



Believe it or not, old dishwashers are considerably heavier than new ones! If you are removing a dishwasher or large appliance, and you need to dispose of it in the most environmentally friendly way possible – you can call the rhinos at Rubbish Rhino Junk Removal. Just $69 per hour our appliance removal services include haul out and disposal – no hidden fees! If you need that dishwasher disposed of, call the rhinos!

Furniture Removal

Furniture removal can be extremely helpful if you are unable to pick up heavy items yourself. Moving furniture up and down stairs adds an increased level of difficulty. You should not worry about furniture removal on your own! Even though we can not offer free furniture removal, we do have the most transparent and honest pricing structure in the removal business. Just $69 each hour everything included we take it all for you! If you need our assistance please do not hesitate to contact us today!



Old wooden bunk beds can be really cumbersome to move in or out of! Why hurt your back trying to remove bunk bed pieces on your own! Allow the rhinos to get your old bedroom sets removed! Don’t worry about overpriced junk removal, Rubbish Rhino only charges $69/hr – no hidden charges, no hidden fees! If you need a bunk bed, or any bed or bed frame, removed, rely on the rhinos to get the job done!



Some sectionals are extremely large and over time get heavier and heavier! If you have an old sectional that has to be removed, call the rhinos the get it done fast and efficiently! Removing sofas, couches, and sectionals from homes and high rises is not always a simple procedure! In order to not damage surrounding walls and possessions, extreme care must be taken to find the best way to remove the sectional. Once removed, our team will dispose of the sofa in the most environmentally friendly way possible! All of our fees are included in a simply $69 per hour rate! No hidden fees, no surprises, just quality junk removal services!

Mattress Removal

If you did not own the mattress, moving the mattress can be a real dirty job! Many mattresses in run-down properties are extremely disgusting and should be handled with caution. Our rhinos have dealt with their fair share of disgusting mattresses. If you have a mattress less disgusting than that or more disgusting than that, it does not matter, we will dispose of it properly. When it comes to contaminated mattresses, that is a different situation we will now discuss.



When a mattress is assumed to be contaminated with blood, bodily fluids, or other biohazards, the mattress must be disposed of in a large red bag and at a control facility that can handle possible biohazards such as blood-borne pathogens! If you suspect you have a contaminated mattress, proper procedures need to be met in order to complete the disposal safely. Rubbish Rhino Junk Removal has a biohazard division to handle these concerns. If you need a contaminated mattress removed and disposed of, call the rhinos!

Shed Removal

Getting a shed removed is not an uncommon request! Many people search online what is the cost of shed removal. The answer is the price depends from company to company but with Rubbish Rhino Junk Removal Services our pricing is transparent and our quotes are given over the phone. No hidden prices, no sticker shock when the job is completed! If you need a shed removed in the Treasure Coast, you can trust the rhinos to get that done fast and efficiently! Rhinos only cost $69 per hour – no strings attached!



Some properties have large detached garage structures that must come down! The demolition part is the easy part! The hard part is getting the junk hauled away! Have you ever seen the massive pile of junk a detached garage creates?! Well, if you have a detached garage on the Treasure Coast, call the Rhinos to remove it! Best junk removal & detached garage removal services, call Rubbish Rhino Junk Removal!

Hot Tub Removal

Cleaning up after a construction site can feel like a never-ending process! There are a lot of elements to a construction site that would lend themselves to an entire business around construction debris removal services. If you are on the Treasure Coast and need the best-priced construction debris removal services, call our office and get a rhino on the job! Construction debris removal, post-construction cleaning, and construction site cleanup services are what Rubbish Rhinos charge hard to complete!

Trash Removal

Yard debris can really be a drag when trying to get the yard looking perfect! For just $69 per hour, our yard debris removal services will come out and completely remove and dispose of yard debris! Call our helpful customer service advocates to get an hourly quote for your job to get completed. No surprise pricing with Rubbish Rhino – if we tell you 3 hours to complete your job, you will only be billed for 3 hours of yard debris removal! Removing the yard debris is the first challenge, the ultimate challenge is disposing of yard debris in an environmentally friendly fashion. Our quotes include all fees for disposing of your yard debris! Call us today to get on the schedule!

Best Junk Removal Service in Treasure Coast

Rubbish Rhino is definitely the best junk removal service on the Treasure Coast! You deserve the best! When it comes to mattress removal, shed removal, hot tub removal, junk removal, trash removal, furniture removal, and old appliance removal on the Treasure Coast, call Josh and his rhinos at Rubbish Rhino Junk Removal Services today! Only $69 per hour we will quote you over the phone, no guessing, no games, no surprises. Our rhinos are dedicated to serving the Treasure Coast community for decades to come!

The only thing we don’t haul away is hazardous waste.

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