Junk Removal Services At Port St. Lucie – Which Company Should You Choose?

Your city may offer bulk junk pickup. But it imposes restrictions on certain items, or it often delays the kerbside collection. Meanwhile, your junk remains standing next to your door and bothers you. It can be a heavy piece of furniture or a big metal electrical appliance. How do you resolve this issue? Call us, and we will make sure that the junk gets removed immediately.

Rubbish Rhinos, a family-owned and operated company, has been serving the beautiful community of Port St. Lucie for a long time. We are fully licensed & insured and come with guaranteed claims, wherever required.

Average Cost Of Junk Removal Services At Port St. Lucie

You will find many companies throughout the region of Port St. Lucie in Florida, which offer junk removal services. Their cost may vary from each other to a great extent.

For the house owners, the charges may start from around $150 and rise to $350. A business owner may spend about $500 to clean up the debris or other construction materials. A full-size truck, having a maximum load capacity of 450 cubic feet, may cost you around $550 or more. The above estimates will give you a basic idea about how the prices are set for removing and hauling the junk away.

Why Do You Need Professionals To Help You Clean Your Junk?

A home is supposed to be a place that you return to in search of peace and comfort after a day of toil at your office. Keeping your house neat and clean is vital for maintaining a healthy environment, both inside your house and around it. Otherwise, imagine if your house is trapped in heaps of junk or has trash collected in the backyard or lawn, it will lead up to a messy situation. Nasty smell, critters and pests getting attracted to it, and cramming of space – all will wreak havoc in your homely life. Call to get a free hourly quote today.

We Provide All Types Of Junk Removal Services

  • Junk Removal Services (including bulky electrical appliances, mattresses, hot tubs, furniture, etc.)
  • Debris and Construction Material Removal Services
  • Hoarding Cleanup Services
  • Crime Scene Cleanup Services
  • Yard Debris and Waste Removal Services
  • Junk Hauling Services
  • Suicide Cleaning Services
  • Estate and Foreclosure Cleaning Services
  • Demolition of Old Sheds and Detached Garages

We at Rubbish Rhinos are prepared to tackle any form of junk that we are asked to remove and haul. We have a team of well-equipped professionals with the latest technology and have years of experience in the business. Book with us online.

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Rubbish Rhinos Work To Make Your House Spick And Span

Rubbish Rhinos offer a transparent pricing structure to all its customers. It has fixed its cost at $69 per hour. Contact us to get a free estimate of the cost. Over the phone call, we also decide the number of hours required to get your junk sorted.

Our company uses ecologically sustainable methods to clean the junk. We are primarily dependent on reuse, recycle and reselling all the junk we gather. About 60%-80% of all the junk that we haul never enters the landfills. You can call us now or schedule your cleaning online.

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