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Kitchen appliances, old furniture, fridge, dishwasher, and small household appliances make your day to day life much easier. But getting rid of large appliances when they break down or moving them is quite a dangerous job. No doubt, personally hauling old appliances could result in serious pain and back injury. If you want to haul away junk appliances, broken appliances, or recycle appliances, Rubbish Rhinos is here to help. Be it about removing old washing machines, refrigerators or other old or broken appliances, we have everything to address your appliance removal needs. 

Being among the top junk removal companies in the Treasure Coast, we happily haul away broken and hard to move appliances like air conditioners, fridge, old furniture, dishwasher, dryer, washer, and other old appliances. Contact us at 772771942 to book a visit or get a free online appliance removal estimate today.

Hire Treasure Coast’s Appliance Removal Experts

Do you have unwanted appliances that are just gathering dust in your home? Do you need someone to take the trash out of your home? If yes, Rubbish Rhinos is a renowned appliance removal company to help you. We have a team of experts who ensure great customer service every time. Since we’re experts, we save you time and energy by disposing of all your unwanted items from your home. We take pride in being the best junk removal company on Treasure Coast. 

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Affordable Appliance Removal Services On Treasure Coast

Are you looking for the best and most affordable large appliance removal company? Rubbish Rhinos is here to help. We provide eco-friendly and affordable appliance removal services. Whether you want an electronic removal service, appliance recycling, or removal services, we can handle any kind of junk removal. According to a study, household appliances are some of the largest contributors to e-waste. Therefore, we also provide a recycling facility so that we can contribute to keeping the environment safe and clean across Treasure Coast and nearby areas. Our services are cost-effective and anyone can avail of them. 

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Why Hire Rubbish Rhinos For Appliance Removal?

Here at Rubbish Rhinos, we offer a variety of residential and commercial appliance removal services on Treasure Coast and nearby areas. We remove all kinds of junk from your home or commercial space. Moreover, our experts are good at heavy lifting. We are well aware of the rules for recycling appliances and we’re experts at safely removing all scrap metal and old appliances from your property. We’re the best small appliance removal company on Treasure Coast. You can read our Google reviews and check out our ratings as well.


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Rubbish Rhinos is a fully licensed appliance removal company offering first-class appliance removal services for a better surrounding. Connect with our experts for great appliance removal services on Treasure Coast.

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